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Uppercut Deluxe Detox & Degrease is a deep cleansing shampoo specially formulated to remove stubborn product deposits. It contains a double function complex that simultaneously emulsifies the product and deeply cleans the hair. With added charcoal to clean hair, it breaks down and removes grease, dirt and product build-up.

CHARCOAL When it comes to detoxification, charcoal is the best ingredient. Charcoal absorbs fat, product deposits and dead skin from the scalp, resulting in superior deep cleansing. Charcoal is also a natural deodorant.

WAX REMOVAL COMPLEX Based on the science of 'oil attracts oil', Detox and Degrease Shampoo contains a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to emulsify and remove product build-up. The Wax Removal Complex targets the stubborn wax and oil base ingredients of styling products that cling to the hair, helping to dissolve build-up, leaving hair clean and ready for conditioning and styling.

Apply to damp hair and massage until a rich lather is created. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the procedure if necessary.

Packaging: 240 ml


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